Private Equity Firm 构建s for the Future with an Online Upgrade



弗里曼·斯波格利 & Co. is a private equity firm focused on growth-oriented consumer and distribution companies with strong management teams. 总部设在洛杉矶和纽约, their focus is on creating value within each of their transformative portfolio companies, 最终增大了尺寸, 利润, and competitive advantage of these companies.

弗里曼·斯波格利 & Co. needed a website that would make a statement
to potential investors and take their online presence to the next level.

弗里曼·斯波格利网站设计 发现 Image
弗里曼·斯波格利网站设计 策略 Image
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弗里曼·斯波格利网站设计 发射 Image

We created a website for 弗里曼·斯波格利 that elevated
the look and feel of their private equity company online.


最后, we were able to deliver to 弗里曼·斯波格利 an up-to-date, polished website that is mobile optimized. With an online presence that now matches their esteemed reputation, they can confidently continue building the future with the high-growth companies they partner with.


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